Taoufik Ben-Amor

arab music ensemble

Professor Taoufik Ben-Amor specializes in Arabic language and linguistics, language and identity, Arab music, and music in Sufism. His research combines his interests in music, language and identity in the Arab world through the study of lyrics. His most recent papers are entitled "Language through Literature" and “The Making of Tradition: Standardization of the Lyrics of the Tunisian Andalusian Malouf.” He published a textbook on Tunisian Arabic in 1988 and a composition manual in 1990. Other papers he wrote include “States of Mind: Music in Islamic Sufi rituals,” “The Politics of Language and the Formalization of the Iraqi Maqam,” and “Code Switching in Algerian Rai Music.” Prof. Ben Amor is currently working on two projects: The Making of Tradition: Language, Music and Identity in the Arab World and Developing Writing Skills in Arabic (to be published by Routledge in 2012). Professor Ben-Amor is also an active musician and music producer, directing the Arab Music Ensemble at Columbia University.