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I grant to Music Performance Program at Columbia University (MPP) ​the non-exclusive right to use my name, photographs and filmed/taped likeness and performances, broadcasted live, recorded or taken while I am participating in the promotional video for use by the MPP solely for promotional purposes, including, but not limited to official MPP Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts, and the MPP website.

Lesson Fee


All accepted MPP students must register for lessons and ensembles by the change-of-program deadline in order to be allowed to attend lessons that semester. 


Please note that you must make room for your individual lessons within the 18-credit limit. Due to administrative delays, the MPP will no longer be accepting petitions for private lessons, even if you successfully petitioned in the past. 


Membership in CHAMBER ENSEMBLES is a two-semester commitment for the current academic year. All admitted students must register for their assigned class FOR CREDIT ​by the change-of-program period deadline.

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