Richard and Brooke Kamin Rapaport Summer Music Performance Fellowship

Thanks to the generosity of Columbia College alumnus Richard Rapaport, students can receive funding to study at a summer music festival of their choice!

Auditions are open only to Columbia College (Barnard, GS, and SEAS not eligible) instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, and conductors in their first, second, or third year of study (graduating seniors are ineligible). PRIORITY GIVEN to those who have played an active role in the Music Performance Program. Students registered in the Undergraduate Composition class in the Fall or Spring semester of the current academic year are also eligible. Both jazz and classical musicians are encouraged to audition. 

Audition Requirements

  • Prepare two contrasting works or movements to showcase your technical and music abilities.
  • Any festival brochures or materials with pertinent information regarding tuition.
  • A letter of recommendation from your teacher
  • A letter of acceptance from the festival, which also states the funds needed. If you do not yet have a letter of acceptance, we ask that you send it as soon as you hear. Funds released only after confirmation of acceptance.
  • Proof of application will also be considered from applicants who have not yet received acceptance from summer festivals, as long as the application has been made prior to the audition. The festival should have a strong international reputation and competitive criteria for acceptance.
  • Composers should prepare two original scores and audio/MIDI recordings of the pieces

Email Chelsea Wimmer caw2234 [at]

 with any questions or concerns

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