The Dolan Prize

Columbia Associate Faculty Amir Elsaffar

Photo credit: Michael Crommett

This merit and need based scholarship awards funds for students who wish to study an instrument that Columbia does not offer or with a teacher who is not a Columbia Music Associate. Auditions are required and take place during the first week of classes.  These auditions can be used to place you in chamber music ensembles as well.  


Audition Requirements:

  • Sealed letter of recommendation from your instructor with details of their lesson fee per hour due by the end of the change-of-program-period.
  • Prepare two contrasting pieces or movements to showcase your technical and musical abilities.
  • Priority is given to Columbia College students who wish to study an instrument not represented at the College.
  • You should already have studied with this teacher for 6 months prior to auditioning for the Dolan Prize.  
  • You must be a participant of the Music Performance Program (one year commitment) in order to receive funding.






Congratulations to the Dolan Prize Winners of 2015-2016!

Below are the distinguished musicians and instructors of the students of the Music Performance Program who received the Dolan Prize this year. 

Alexandre Moutouzkine, piano

Aaron Rosand, violin

Yousun Chung, oboe

Steve Nelson, vibraphone

Eteri Audjapanidze, piano

Seymour Bernstein, piano

Patrick Jee, cello

Eugene Levinson, bass

Stefan Jackiw, violin

Michael Daves, bluegrass guitar and voice

Martin Canin, piano

Asya Meshberg, violin

Golda Tatz, piano

Paula Rand, voice

Sarah Wolfson, voice

Yoobin Son, flute