Arab Music Ensemble

photo by AndreasPraefcke

The Columbia Arab Music Ensemble (CAME) is a performance ensemble devoted to vocal and instrumental music from the Arab region. The group's repertoire, taught through oral transmission and memorization, includes songs and instrumental pieces from folk, popular, and classical genres of the region, emphasizing Maqam structure, rhythm cycles, genres, performance practices and poetic content. Undergraduate students may enroll in the ensemble for credit but CAME is open to both beginning and experienced musicians from Columbia's undergraduate, graduate, faculty, and staff communities. Auditions are held during the first ensemble meeting in the fall. CAME is a collaboration between the Center of Ethnomusicology in the Music department and the MESAAS department. 

The Arab Music Ensemble is directed by New York-based music scholar, oud player, percussionist, and vocalist Taoufik Ben-Amor

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