About the Program

The Music Performance Program at Columbia University

The Music Performance Program (MPP) is a division of the Department of Music. Under the direction of Dr. Magdalena Stern-Baczewska, the MPP supports music making of the highest caliber on Columbia campus and beyond, by creating learning and performance opportunities for undergraduate students, regardless of their academic major. While we do not offer degrees in music performance, we provide a high-quality offering to student musicians from across Columbia University that includes a wide array of for-credit chamber music, jazz, orchestra, and world music ensembles, as well as individual instrumental instruction. We also welcome and work closely with the students from the Juilliard-Columbia Exchange. Administratively, the MPP serves as the supporting structure for the Columbia University Orchestra and the Louis Armstrong Jazz Performance Program

Aside from public performances on and off campus, the MPP also contributes to Columbia’s famed Core Curriculum by providing live student music demonstrations in "Masterpieces of Western Music," colloquially known as “Music Humanities,” and helping expose more than 1,600 Columbia students each year to live music in classrooms.