Pop/Contemporary Auditions

Admission to the Music Performance Program (MPP) is determined by the demonstrated level of performance skill during auditions and the availability of openings in different performance areas. Participation in the MPP requires a year-long commitment, and all students must undergo re-auditions annually, regardless of previous acceptance. Students who are not accepted in the current year are encouraged to audition in future years. Auditions are required for lessons. Students interested in lessons and/or ensembles in various genres of music (classical, jazz, pop/contemporary, world, voice), or in the Columbia University Orchestra, will need to audition separately for each.

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Pratt at [email protected].

Audition Date

Date and sign-ups for fall auditions will be posted in August. 

Audition Requirements

Submit a short paragraph describing your background and interests in electric guitar and/or bass playing. Play two contrasting selections that demonstrate your abilities on the instrument. Some possible types of selections are: 1) a song or instrumental composition you have written, 2) a song or instrumental composition by another artist/composer (any genre) 3) rhythm and/or lead parts to a popular song, 4) a recording of a studio project you have created using the instrument, 5) an improvisation in any style.

Day of Audition 

Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time to fill out the audition form, tune your instrument and make sure your music is organized.

After Audition

You will receive an email regarding placement, registration and instructor information. If we are not able to place you with an instructor or ensemble, you will be notified and may be placed on the wait list.  If you are placed with an instructor for lessons, you will need to contact your instructor and set up a mutually agreeable time to meet during the semester. Your instructor will help you choose repertoire and establish a daily practice routine.