The Columbia-Juilliard Program

About the Columbia-Juilliard Program

Exceptionally talented Columbia College and Barnard College students have access by competitive audition to instrumental and voice instruction at The Juilliard School.

Students should also refer to information available on the Columbia Undergrad Admissions website or the website for the Juilliard School.

There program consists of two parts, Part I: The Exchange and Part II: The Joint Program (optional).

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Students can be invited to cross-register for weekly instrumental (classical and jazz), composition and vocal instruction with the Juilliard faculty, but not participate in Juilliard ensembles or classes, after completing the formal application and successfully auditioning at Juilliard. Annual juries are held at the end of each academic year, which determine eligibility to continue in the program. Applicants to the exchange may be first-year applicants, or current students within Columbia College or Barnard College. Students may participate in the program for up to four years of study and have the option to apply for the joint program in their junior year. Columbia College and Barnard College students interested in this program must submit a Juilliard Application for Admission, including pre-screening materials, by the December 1 deadline.


Students already in the exchange program can participate in the joint program that offers students the opportunity to earn a B.A. from Columbia or Barnard, and an M.M. from Juilliard in five years (voice candidates may need six years of study to complete the program depending on preparation). It is recommended that students interested in the program complement their exchange instruction with music classes and participation in ensembles at Columbia University. However, exchange participants do not have any specific course requirements at Columbia University in order to qualify for admission to the M.M. at Juilliard. If admitted, students normally spend two subsequent years (three for voice majors) primarily at Juilliard, while finishing any remaining undergraduate requirements at Columbia University. Students receiving Columbia or Barnard financial aid will be subject to Juilliard's financial aid policies during their time at Juilliard, and are not eligible for aid from Columbia or Barnard. Students who wish to pursue the joint program should consult with the Center for Student Advising on how to plan accordingly. To apply, Columbia College students must have completed 94 points of course work, including the Core Curriculum requirements and major or concentration requirements for the B.A. within three years, and have participated in the exchange (see above) for at least one year. Exchange participants interested in applying for the program must submit the Juilliard application by the December 1 deadline. The pre-screening (if applicable) is waived. Live auditions are held at The Juilliard School in early March.