ALL returning students are required to audition in  for participation in the MPP during the academic year. 

  • Classical Lessons and Chamber Ensemble Auditions: September 6th & 8th 2022
  • Jazz Lessons and Ensemble Auditions: September 7th (Instrumental) & 9th (Vocal) 2022
  • Columbia University Orchestra Auditions: TBD
  • World Music Ensembles: Speak with Instructor at first class meeting
  • Piano Lesson Interviews: September 6th and 7th 2022 (from 10am-2pm in 109/110 Dodge Hall) 
    *Pianists interested in chamber music MUST audition.


Audition Requirements



  • Instrumentalists should prepare two contrasting pieces or movements from solo repertoire.You will also be asked to demonstrate your sight reading skills.


  • Instrumentalists should prepare two jazz standards (a rhythm section will be provided to accompany auditions).
  • You will also be asked to demonstrate your sight reading and improvisational skills.Vocalists should prepare two selections to show interpretative abilities (improvisation optional).
  • Please provide a clear lead sheet with chord changes for the accompanist (a pianist is provided).


  • Short solo of choice. This may be a short piece, or an excerpt of a longer piece. Your chosen piece should be indicative of your ability to move around your instrument, as well as the quality of your sound.



All accepted MPP students must register for lessons and ensembles by the change-of-program period to continue their participation that semester.  Petitioning students must notify MPP staff prior to this deadline. ​

Membership in CHAMBER ENSEMBLES is a TWO-SEMESTER (2) commitment for the 2021-2022 academic year. All admitted students must register for their assigned class FOR CREDIT ​by the change-of-program period deadline.


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